Newborn Session Details

You’re little bundle is soon arriving (or may alreay be here) and we need to capture it!

I absolutely love my newborn sessions, not only because of the joy of welcoming a new human into the world, but these sessions always make me stop for a moment to remember why I do what I do - family. These newborn moments mark the start or extension of your family, and I am so honored to be there to help preserve it all for you.

Thanks for letting me into your home and life during this magical time.

Newborns - we just adore them, but sometimes they aren't the most I right? We are bound to face some tricky and stubborn moments during our session, so I've gathered some quick tips to help us make the most of it.


Stay Awake

Try to keep you baby awake as long as possible before the session. We aim to have some lovely sleeping moments, but it's always the case that as soon as my camera is is baby.



While I don't typically shoot with props, I would never stop you from including something that has special meaning or purpose to you. Just make sure to have it handy and remind me during our session that you'd like me to capture it with the baby.


Keep Full

Try to feed your baby prior to my arrival so we can get started immediately. Obviously if baby is still hungry, we always have time for feeding and soothing.



When it comes to wardrobe for baby, I feel that simple is always best. We can start with some naked portraits (if you like), and then I always do some classic, simple swaddled portraits. From there, you can choose whatever outfits you like for your nugget.


Be Happy

Make sure to have all tools and items that help soothe your baby at the ready. Wethers it's a swaddle, pacifier, sound machine...whatever works for baby works for me!


Family & Siblings

Nothing makes my heart skip a beat more than seeing a family snuggled up with their new baby. I will definitely be capturing a lot of family and sibling moments, so it's best to make sure everyone is prepared...especially older siblings who might be a little "too excited" to hold baby.


The First Year Package

I'm thrilled to announce that I will now be offering a First Year: Family + Kids Session Package. This pre-paid package will ensure that your lil one's newborn, six-month and one year milestones will be preserved fo'evah-evah in 3 separate sessions! Let's make history with your babes!

If interested in learning more about this discounted rate package of magic, shoot me an email and I can send you more details.