Pup Portrait Scheduling


Thank you for being a crazy dog person just like me!

I’m so excited that you (and your fuzzy love) are able and willing to be part of this wacky/fun/artistic/silly pup portrait project of mine.

For this shoot, I’m looking to take only about 25-30 minutes of you and your dog’s time to capture some styled portraits as well as some standard portraits for you to enjoy.

You do not need to bring anything at all except your gorgeous pup + some motivational treats or toys (I will leave that up to your discretion). And while a good grooming is appreciated ;) it’s definitely not necessary.

I do plan to schedule each session individually - so no overlapping of pups in the studio space - but if your dog is particularly apprehensive, aggressive, shy, or easily distracted (i.e. won’t even sit on command), perhaps this isn’t the shoot for you.

I will not be dressing your pups up or costuming them in any way, other than to ask them to sit, stand or lie down in a specific location, so you don’t need to worry about.

I will be using studio lighting that will flash, however, so again, if you feel like your dog may not react well to that, let me know.

If all sounds good to you, please take a look at the available appointment schedule below and schedule your session accordingly.

I can’t wait to get you and your pup in the studio!!


And should you have ANY questions at all, please do not hesitate to reach out at hello@stephanietodarophotography.com